A big group of 150 spotted dolphins and sperm whales

futurismo whale watching azores

The day started with a fog and a drizzle and someone could think it would be better to stay at warmth of the home. But we gave the day a chance and had another beautiful trip with our guests. The weather got better and for the cherry on the top we had two beautiful sightings.

First we found a big group of 150 spotted dolphins and they were not shy at all. There were adults and juveniles, performing jumps, approaching the boat and at the end they started porpoising. This is a term for the high-speed motion of dolphins, in which long jumps are alternated with swimming close to the surface.

After we left the dolphins behind us we spotted two beautiful sperm whales – mother and her calve. On our big surprise the calve started jumping out of the water and left us all very happy and grateful.

In the afternoon, we had a magical encounter. The lookouts guided us to an area were they spotted a big animal. We waited, looking for any signal that would reveal the location of the animal.

We waited until finally we saw the blow of a big sperm whale female. While we were watching it from the distance, it started to be really curious. It came straight to our zodiac boat and started rolling, watching us, breathing calmly next to us, even passing by under the boat!

Finally, it said goodbye showing its tail! Animals don’t know about rules, so when she approached, we just had to wait and enjoy its special and amazing presence. What a wonderful day with all these nice and playful animals!

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