Futurismo visits Escola Básica Integrada in Rabo de Peixe

School environmental education Futurismo
School environmental education Futurismo

Today we couldn’t go to the sea due to weather conditions. So we did something different 😉

Gorgeous rainbow in the school

During this week, the Escola Básica Integrada de Rabo de Peixe is celebrates the “Healthy Life Week”. And who better than us, who have an outdoor life and in constant contact with nature, to go and help?

We made 3 presentations with several classes where we talked about the most varied topics. We start with a short description of our company, showing the variety of jobs that are available to contact with nature maintaining an active life.

We moved on to a topic that was impossible not to talk about. Plastic! Unfortunately on our trips we find a lot of plastic floating around and sometimes we see whales and dolphins with plastic bags stuck on their fins. We feel powerless because we cannot help them. The only thing we can do is prevent this from happening by using less and less plastic, or better, stop using it! We also spoke of the importance of a varied and balanced diet… and don’t forget to drink water! As they say, we are what we eat 😉

For a healthy life, we must also have an active life, so leave your sofas, mobile phones and connect with nature, enjoy friends and family for a good walk, soak up the sun and breathe the fresh air. Our happiness depends only on ourselves. We must do what makes us happy and protect our planet!

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