Futurismo collaborates with University of Évora for the Atlas of Mammals of Portugal

Futurismo colaborated with University of Évora in a project about marine mammals

Second Edition of Atlas of Mammals of Portugal with University of Évora

One of the biggest challenges of studying cetaceans is that they don’t understand about frontiers or limits. They roam the oceans travelling and migrating from one place to another, no matter which country it is. And therefore, it is not easy to understand the distribution of each species, as its occurrence is not uniformly mapped or even registered!

To minimize this problem, collaboration among researchers and institutions is a must, and joining efforts provide us all with a better knowledge of cetaceans. In Portugal, an initiative from the University of Evora in 2017, lead to the publication of the first Atlas of Mammals of Portugal, with a special chapter dedicated to Marine Mammals. It shows the occurrence in space and time (where and when) of the marine mammals sighted in Portugal.

Recently the second edition has been published (end 2019), and Futurismo has provided its cetacean sightings dataset to collaborate on this work. The Atlas is open access and it is available on the website: http://atlas-mamiferos.uevora.pt/

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