And more news regarding our beloved sperm whales still coming!


A couple of days ago, we shared with you the recent finding of a sperm whale match between the Azores and Bahamas. Today, a new one, between the Azores and Iceland!

This time, Lisa Steiner recognized a male photographed by Jasmine Zereba in 2009 during Futurismo whale watching tours in São Miguel, and then photographed by Karl O’Neill from Láki Tours, in Iceland in 2018. Again, almost 3000 km! Ten years have passed between the two photos, but as you can see, the tail is easily recognizable. This match aligns with the existing ones between Azores and Norway.

The long-term effort of Atlantic researchers and institutions to work together brings its reward! As the famous proverb says: “good things come to those who wait”. Without any doubt, long lasting relationships between scientists in the Atlantic allow nowadays to discover this amazing information about some of the most unknown ocean creatures.

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