Above average

Not only quantity but also quality wise our trip was top. We started with glassy water, sunny day and visibility up to Santa Maria Island. Not so far away from the harbor we had our first encounter. A large group of common dolphins was waiting for us.

They showed us their friendly behavior above and below the transparent surface. Already in the distance we spotted some sperm whale blows, so we started to approach one of them carefully, it was so calm at the surface and it didn’t forget to show us its tail before going for lunch. Some of its pod colleagues were around and a little bit later they also said goodbye with their flukes.

We left the area because the sea was full of surprises. Really close to that area we sighted a humpback whale! A migratory whale that is not frequently seen in the Azores.

It was traveling calmly and showing us several time its black and white fluke. We are curious if we have met this individual before! We will compare today’s photos with our catalogue. After a while with this baleen whale we started going back to Ponta Delgada. But our catamaran came across an another species of dolphin, bottlenose dolphins! What a complete and lucky day; a total of four species! Let’s see what is waiting for us tomorrow!

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