9 years later, we have a match for a dolphin!

dolphin match azores futurismo

The quarantine has these good things too. The last couple of weeks, we have gone through folders of old photos to update our photo-identification work.

Sometimes you get tired of seeing always fins and tails, because at some point after hundreds of pictures, they all look exactly the same. But suddenly some unexpected one appears in front of you, and you realize that working within a passionate team makes all the difference.

In January 2019, after a trip with plenty of dolphins and checking out our photos for the day, we were just hanging out with our work colleagues who usually work on the front or back office, when we found a photo of a dolphin with a strange shape on its mouth.

dolphin mr grey

One of our friends (whose birthday is today!), decided to put him a name: Mr.Grey. And that was it. It remained in our folders waiting its turn to come up on our updates. Probably you remember our post about bottlenose dolphins with estrange characteristics: broken jaws, half tails, special fins, … So probably Mr. Grey will join the group at some point.

Today, while going through old photos of 2010, look what we’ve found! We rapidly shared the photo among us (biologists) in order to recognize it and… Yes! It was a photo of Mr.Grey as a calf!! We didn’t take a long time to contact the girl who named the dolphin, and it was her birthday present to find him again!!

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