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Pico Island

Our 8-day package

 “Giant” describes the whales you’ll see off the coast of Pico Island but the other “giant” you can’t miss is our Montanha do Pico, a 2,351m volcano, dominating the landscape. 

The highest peak in the Azores and Portugal, this near-perfect cone of a mountain symbolizes the vibrant nature and variety Pico Island offers visitors – green meadows, immense lava tubes, volcanic vineyards, and of course, fantastic whale and dolphin watching. 

Our 8-day tour package is specially designed for whale and dolphin lovers. Every day will bring you up close to new kinds of adventures on this richly varied island.



In the Azores, we have 28 cetacean species swimming off our coastal waters, just waiting for your discovery. If you visit in the spring (March – June) you may be treated to some of the biggest animals in the world migrating past our shores – the Blue whales, Fin whales, and Sei whales. We call this our Baleen Whale Season to indicate these types of species, and it’s the best season for seeing the big whales. We may also spot humpback and minke whales during these months. 

During the summer months (July – September) you’ll often see families of sperm whales. This is the most frequently spotted whale species of the summer.  



For a full week, we’ll skim the water on a speedy zodiac boat, as we thrill to whale and dolphin sightings. learning about our cetacean friends and their migratory routes. 

For over 10 years Futurismo has been collecting data and studying the behavior of whales and dolphins. During your week-long package, you can be a part of that tradition and see how we identify individual whales.

But you will also spend your week exploring Pico Island with its many natural and historic sites. We’ll visit volcanic vineyards, local restaurants, old harbors, and charming villages. A trip to see an ancient lighthouse will follow, along with tours of both the north and south coasts of the island. 

Whales, dolphins, explorations, cultural and natural wonders… and even time for relaxation – we promise you a very fun and fulfilling week! 


Lajes do Pico, Pico Island (see itinerary below)


8 Days

Tour Rates

From 460€
The multi-day tours are subject to availability of the presented activities.

Daily Departures


Check In Times

Dependent on your arrival


Only high season (minimum 2 participants)

Level of Difficulty


Vessel Types

Zodiac + Transit Van

Minimum Age

8 years old (the ocean tours are operated in zodiac, children need to reach the ground with their feet for safety reasons)

Tour Details

DAY 1 – Arrival and transfer to your hotel. Free day.

DAY 2 – Whale and dolphin watching from Lajes do Pico (3-hour trip).

Prior to our first boat trip, our biologists will give a briefing to explain which species we may be seeing on our excursion. This is followed by a safety explanation and a review of measures to ensure the safety of the whales as we approach. We will also learn some historical facts.

During the tour, each passenger is required to wear a life vest. Futurismo will also provide raincoats and waterproof pants if necessary. 

The afternoon will be free to enjoy activities of your choice. We suggest Swimming with Dolphins – slip into the blue Atlantic amongst pods of dolphins swimming, whistling, and checking you out. An unforgettable moment for older kids and adults. 

DAY 3 – Whale and dolphin watching from Lajes do Pico (3-hour trip).

Free afternoon for other activities. We suggest a Vineyards Trail Hiking Tour – this 7km (4.3mi), 2.5 hour trek will bring you to perhaps the most unique wine country in the world. Here you’ll find vineyards fashioned from volcanic basalt stone protecting the vines from wind and sea. At this special UNESCO World Heritage site, you’ll learn about and enjoy Pico Island’s unique wine culture. 

DAY 4 – Van tour around Pico Island. (full-day tour).

  • Visit Torres caves classified as an Azores Natural Monument. This is a lava tube with a length of 5 km located in Criação Velha, Madalena
  • Visit the vineyards in Criação Velha classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Visit a historic winery producing the local wine “Verdelho do Pico”
  • Lunch in a local restaurant
  • Visit some of the lakes in the area, old harbors, and villages

DAY 5 – Whale and dolphin watching from Lajes do Pico (3-hour trip).

Free afternoon for other activities. We suggest a customized Pico Island Tour that we will personalize to your wishes. Enjoy the island’s volcanic vineyards; take in old harbors and the picturesque North Coast; stop at a whaling museum to learn about our colorful history. Or visit Portugal’s highest peak, Pico Mountain. 

DAY 6 – Full day tour – Whale and dolphin watching from Lajes do Pico (3-hour trip) and van tour to “Ponta da Ilha”. 

  • 3-hour whale and dolphin watching excursion  
  • Lunch at a local restaurant 
  • Tour of the southern coast and visit to small natural swimming pools created by lava formations in the sea (possible swimming)
  • Visit the ancient lighthouse in “Ponta da Ilha”
  • Tour the northern part of the island
  • Stops at the best viewing spots with expansive vistas of São Jorge Island

DAY 7 – Whale and dolphin watching from Lajes do Pico (3-hour trip).

Free afternoon for other activities (we suggest a visit to the Museum of Arts and Science and the Whalers Museum in Lajes do Pico)

DAY 8 – Transfer to the airport. Thank you for joining us on this week-long best of Pico Island tour!

Note: if you wish, Futurismo can also arrange for your accommodation.

  • Transfer from airport to hotel and hotel to the airport
  • Transportation for the land activities from Lajes do Pico 
  • Five whale and dolphin watching trips;
  • Pre-tour briefing;
  • English speaking biologist or nature guide;  If you prefer another language, please inform us about it;
  • Full day tour around Pico Island 
  • Half day tour to “Ponta da Ilha”
  • Lunch in local restaurants on day 4 & 6


  • Lunch in local restaurant on days 4 and 6 – starter, fish or beef, dessert and drinks included.

Vegetarian options on request. If you have a special diet or food restrictions, please inform us at least 24h before the tour.

  • Comfortable light clothes
  • Sweater
  • Raincoat
  • Walking boots or shoes
  • Swimming suit and towel
  • Hat
  • Sunblock
  • Backpack and bottle of water to refill

Q: How do I get to the Azores?
A: There are direct flights from Lisbon and Porto. Europe, USA and Canada. 

Q: Which level should I expect from the activities planned during the package?
A: They are easy level.

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