Whales, dolphins and sharks, the three big sea creatures spotted today!

whale watching azores futurismo

The sea awakened eager to display the astonishing biodiversity dwelling underneath. Each day surprise us with new animals and behaviours that just the wild can offer… The weather kept cloudy, though the sea surface was quite good to navigate calmly. Today, our marine companions waited a bit to greet us, making us search them for a while.

Suddenly, the land lookouts managed to see between the clouds, spotting a juvenile sperm whale diving middle water. This type of dives, in which they don’t show the tail, are shallow dives, thus indicating a 15 – 20 min of waiting until it comes up to the surface again.

And so he did, the male emerged and breathed deeply during some minutes before diving again, this time showing the tail. This behaviour advise a diving of around 45 min, in which they dive till 800-1000 m to forage squid.

Afterwards, another sperm whale greeted us in the surface. An adult female welcomed us before diving to the darkest depth and joining its colleague.

After a time, a hammerhead shark was spotted from the boat, delighting us with its presence. Finalizing the journey, a big group of resident common dolphins approached curiously to the boat beading us farewell as setting out on the returning to the harbour.

During the afternoon trip we were lucky to see common dolphins again, with a different behavior, where they always maintained a great speed even when surfing the bow of our catamaran.

We confirm again that we are in the middle of the breeding season, seeing how the little babies accompanied their mothers and imitating their movements!!

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