Whale watching statistics in Pico Island: summer 2018

An excellent summer in Pico, we had many days with good weather, we saw a total of 14 species, with an average of 4 sightings per trip. We observed sperm whales almost every day we went out to the sea. To be more precise 92% of this days. But the most frequently observed species were the risso’s dolphin in (94% of the days).

During the summer, the Atlantic spotted dolphins are sighted very frequently (80% of the trips), even more often than the most common species in the rest of the year, the common dolphins (with 55% of the times).

We also saw many species we rarely see during the rest of the year, such as pilot whales with 42% or sowerby beaked whales with 33%.

Note that this summer was special regarding the sightings of sei whales, observed in 34% of the days we spent in the sea.

It was also sighted in more than 30% of our trips two other species of dolphins, bottlenose dolphins with 45%, and with 47% striped dolphins.

Other 5 species were sighted, 3% pygmy sperm whale, 2% bryde whale, 2% minke whale, and 13% of beaked whale (we couldn’t identify the species).

By Rui Santos

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