We keep seeing beaked whales

During the two pasts days, we had very enjoyable trips with plenty of sperm whales and dolphins. the sperm whales were more active the first day, going for deep dives and showing us the fluke, and we even encountered a big male, not very common sighting on the south of Pico.

A calf came also close to our boat to inspect us before to roll on his side and swimmed slowly away. the second day started with a group of shy sperm whales, only doing shallow dives, but at the end we could see some flukes, the waiting was worth it! both days we had amazing sightings of spotted dolphins, which very active delighted us with amazing breaches close to our boat.

We also had a really good encounters with Sowerby’s beaked whales, that stayed around our boat, which is really not common, we are seeing beaked whales almost every trip, this year we can not complain at all. Sowerby beaked whales are easily identifiable for their long beak, much longer than in the other species of beaked whales, and is the species we are sighting the most among the beaked whales this year.

Finally, we spotted pilot whales, some group traveling slow and others resting at the surface. Sun, calm sea, cetaceans and happy guests, that was the menu from those last trips! join us for the next!

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