The bottlenose dolphins delighted us!

Another cloudy day with dolphins in the Azores! 

Conditions have improved a lot: weaker wind and lower waves. And they will keep getting better on the next few days! This morning it was quite foggy when we went out, but even like that, our lookouts manage to find a very nice group of bottlenose dolphins. 

Do you remember “Egipcian” and “Submarino”? We have sighted these two bottlenose dolphins quite often in the last few weeks. 

And so we did today in the morning too. However, in the afternoon, the bottlenose group was a different one! Or at least, some different individuals. 

We will check it soon with our photos. Some of our boats manage to find a group of common dolphins as well in the morning, travelling fast to the east. But.. impossible to find in the afternoon. Today, once again, the water was quite dark, full of plankton. So, as every spring, life is developing again here in the Azores. Let’s see tomorrow what Nature has to offer us.
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