Sunny with day with plenty of action and cetaceans

The sun is back! Today the sea was calm and the sun accompanied our trips … and they were exciting! In the morning we saw 3 of our resident species and one migratory. We started the day with our usual friendly common dolphins. They were playing with the waves of our boat when we were called by our watchman … Whale in sight!
We had a sperm whale family! We then saw 2 female sperm whales and then found something that looked like a floating trunk … it was a very small sperm whale baby. It was curious and checking to see if our customers were enjoying the trip.
While we were seeing the baby appeared another baby … but it was not a sperm whale baby… it was a mini turtle! We had never seen such a tiny turtle 🙂 We moved on to a huge group of Atlantic spotted dolphins with lots of babies. 

Then we ended up with a very calm group of Risso’s dolphins
In the afternoon we have completed the list of our resident species! We saw a very large group of bottlenose dolphins and also a group of common dolphins.
After the dolphins were well regarded we went in search of something bigger … do you know who we saw? Our Mr. Liabe !!! Our big male sperm whale always showing his majestic tail. Summer… tomorrow we want good weather too!
Great shearwater
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