Sunny day with lots of animals. The perfect tour!

Today was the day of big pods!

The bottlenose dolphins never let us down! In the morning we started with a big group of bottlenose dolphins going really fast and jumping in the front of the boat splashing the people from the small boat. 

Bottlenose dolphin making bubbles

It is always special when clients get passionate about the sighting. One of our little clients baptized one special bottlenose dolphin with half it’s tail as Halfie. 

Halfie half tail

After we went to an area with sperm whales, we had around 10 in the group. One of the whales come really close to our boat and we could see a lot of white marks in the dorsal.

Sperm whales pod

Sperm whale approaching our boat

In the afternoon we started with a very acrobatic group of bottlenose dolphins, always jumping and playing with the boat looking at us sometimes. For the third time this year we found a species of dolphins that looks like that is always late for something. A pod of striped dolphins with more than 100 animals, normally this species, here in the Azores, swims really fast and don’t wait for us.

Striped dolphin jumping

Striped dolphins jumping

Sperm whale tail

Sperm whale tail

In our third tour, we had a surprise! Sei whale! Looks like the baleen whale season is still on! 

Sei whale

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