Sperm whales with babies in São Miguel and more pilot whales in Pico

Do you know that the
Azores are great for baby sperm whales? The last few days prove it! 

Today we
have seen a family of sperm whales, with several animals in the area, and of
course, with babies! In the morning our lookout found the sperm whales
breaching, and when we arrived, they were resting calm on the surface.  In the afternoon, we have the opportunity to
see a very small animal, probably born some days ago! It made us thought about
the “Baby boom” day recorded a couple of years ago. If you didn’t see it yet, go for it!

Photos by Mariana Silva

Sperm Whale with calf
We also saw a huge and
friendly group of bottlenose dolphins and some common dolphins as well. In the
afternoon, while waiting for the sperm whales to come up to the surface, two
breachings were seen far on the distance. 
Northern bottlenose whales confirmed with our photos!

Baby bottlenose dolphin

Northern bottlenose whale jumping

Common dolphins

In Pico Island, the sea was wavy but it was not a problem for us to see 4 different species. 

We saw our resident
species: common dolphins

On our trip today,
we also saw pilot whales and spotted dolphins a
nd striped dolphins, three species which visit the Azores mainly during the summer.
Photos by Rui Santos
Pilot whale

Watching Spotted dolphin jumping

Common dolphins surfing the waves

Striped dolphins

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