Sperm whales and sad plastic interaction

Today, we
had another day with perfect conditions to see whales and dolphins. We are
being really lucky these last days. 
In both tours, morning and afternoon, we
were with a group of female sperm whales. We don’t know yet if this group is
the same that we saw these days, our biologists are doing a great job checking
the marks on the tails, to recognize each individual and see how many times
they were sighted, where and with who they are used to be.

Also, in
the afternoon we had the sad opportunity to see how sperm whales are currently
interacting with plastic, playing with it and putting it in the mouth.
Fortunately, this time, the plastic was collected and the whales didn’t eat it.


We also had
dolphin sightings in the morning and in the afternoon, striped dolphins, common dolphins,
bottlenose dolphin and Atlantic spotted dolphins. So, we can say that here, out of São
Miguel, it was full of dolphins.


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