Sperm whales and dolphins today in São Miguel island!

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After the wind dropped and consequently the rough sea that we had yesterday smoothed out, today we were rewarded by exceeding the average of species sighted in one tour.
We started our morning with two female sperm whales that didn’t take to long until they show us their tail, going for a deep dive in search for big squid.

Our lookouts on land told us that there was another individual a bit farther away and there we went. When we arrived, we didn’t have one, but three individuals more! The time they were resting at the surface made it possible for us to see their 45º degree blow to the left.

Suddenly, a few bottlenose dolphins wanted to join the party and approached our boat. As we didn’t want to miss the moment when the sperm whales dive, we didn’t pay much attention to the dolphins, and they continued their travelling. A few minutes later, sperm whales dove, one after the other! The tails festival, as we use to say.

Our next species was a group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, one of our seasonal species that arrive to the Azores when the water becomes warmer. As they use to do, they approached the boat, showing us the amount of spots they have on their bodies. We were also able to see a few jumps by some euphoric individuals.

We left this species and started looking for the group of bottlenose dolphins that had approached us earlier. They weren’t that far away from the area and so we were able to see them and to compare the size difference in relation to the spotted dolphins. Almost twice the size!! Wow.
We had already seen three species very well so we started moving slowly in direction to land, but always keeping our eyes open in case the Azores waters had another surprise for us.

And BAMM! We were alerted that our catamaran had found another species. Short-finned pilot whales!! In Azores, pilot whales are frequently sighted in groups of 15-50 individuals and was more or less what we saw. They were very calm, resting on the surface, sometimes approaching our boats and making it possible to see their round and bulbous head.

On our way back to Ponta Delgada, one of our guests saw some fins in the distance, and they were again our loved spotted dolphins that didn’t wanted us to leave without saying us goodbye. A good way of ending this incredible morning.

On the afternoon’s trip, the same species were waiting for us in the sea to have a good time together again! We saw short-finned pilot whales, spotted dolphins and sperm whales from the catamaran and in the swimming activity also bottlenose dolphins. Such an afternoon gift plus an unidentified beaked whale!

We want to highlight the relaxing moments we had listened to the short-finned pilot whales breathing calmly on the surface.

A bit later, during the two female sperm whales sighting we managed to take photo of their tails, too when they dived deep into the sea, in order to photo-identify the individuals.

Before ending the trip, we sighted several splashes of two beaked whales in the distance, which disappeared quite quickly, making it impossible to identify the species. Therefore, we decided to return to the harbour, being more than satisfied with today’s spectacle of biodiversity. Once there, we stopped to see an adult common tern that was taking care of its chick in a very curious nest. It had taken advantage of the nest-like coiled rope put on the pontoon.

The nature always surprise us. !

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