Sperm whales and common dolphins sighted in São Miguel

The sea is getting calmer and the sun is shining stronger these days. Today we went to the sea morning and in the afternoon.
We started the day with an impressive fluke from our favourite sperm whale: Mr Liable! Our timing was perfect to witness this majestic animal going for a deep dive to find something to eat. We then headed south to find a big group of female sperm whales, at least 12 individuals. They were all very calm, resting on the surface. They surfaced several times before we left the area. 

On the way back, without expecting it, we found a compact group of common dolphins, swimming fast along with our boat. We also got the chance of releasing a Cory’s Shearwater!

In the afternoon we found a bigger group of common dolphins and we could even see some beautiful jumps. We tried hard to find bigger animals with the help of our lookouts and our hydrophone but we had no luck this time. We work with wild animals in their natural environment and we have to consider the possibility of not always finding what we are searching for.
Let’s see what is waiting for us tomorrow!

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