Sperm whale showed the tail!

The trip this morning was owned by our resident species. Despite the shy sun, we went out to observe and spend some time with these amazing creatures once more.

The first encounter of the trip was with the common dolphins, that although small in number, were a delight to watch, very calm and relaxed, approaching our boat, what allowed us to see them in great detail.

Following this encounter our lookout spotted a big animal further away, and reaching the area, there it was, a huge blow from a sperm whale that could be seen from far far away, after reaching the area and spending some time observing the animal, it was time for the “icing on the cake”, the huge and majestic fluke up in the air, and what for us stays as an unforgettable moment for them is just another tasty meal.

On our way back we had a chance to do a quick pass around Vila Franca’s Islet which is always breathtaking, and were also able to pick up some marine litter along the way, the perfect extra to our already rewarding trip.

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