São Miguel with our sperm whale Mr Liable, a Sei whale and full of dolphins

This morning we didn’t have to travel far away before we already had our
first encounter with a whale!
There was a sei whale not far from Ponta Delgada,
traveling fast through the waves but always staying close to the surface so we
could track its footprints and see it every time it surfaced. 

Just a bit
further offshore we had sperm whales to see. First, we were delighted to see the
famous “Mr Liable” who is a big male sperm whale that we know very
well here in São Miguel. 

He was doing short dives so we got to see him two
different times at the surface. In between we also saw a female sperm whale who
turned out to be “Whitehead”, a whale that belongs to a group that we have been seeing here the past week

A bit further to the east we had a big
group of at least 100 bottlenose dolphins to see. They were very active and we
could see a lot of high jumps from these social dolphins.

In the afternoon, we went back to the area of Mr. Liable our most sighted sperm whale. Usually, when a Sperm whale dives it shows us its tail and then it is gone for a long time, but not so today. 

Mr. Liable, our famous male, showed us his tail three times in a row and in between we met a big  group of common dolphins foraging together with Cory’s Shearwaters. 

The big swarm of fish which they were going after was several times approaching our boat to look for some shelter and we could see everything very clearly through the deep blue water.

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