Rain, fog and dives

futurismo whale watching azores

The day and the afternoon started rainy and foggy in Ponta Delgada but suddenly cleared out when arriving at the area a few miles away from Vila Franca islet, in which we had most of the encounters.

At first, we enjoyed the company of a nice group of common dolphins but we had to move fast because some beaked whales were spotted.

Beaked whales are very shy species and only surface for brief periods of time. Also, they show only a part of their body which makes them hard to identify but most likely we were looking at Sowerby’s beaked whales.

Right after this rare sighting, our lookouts pointed us that we were in an area with sperm whales! As much as in the day and in the afternoon, we were lucky to have many encounters with them! We could see juveniles and adults resting, all together, in the surface. Altogether with them, we could also see Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Join us in the next trips for more fun and more biodiversity!

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