Our well-known sperm whale “Mister Liable” showed us his enormous tail!

This morning we have seen all the resident species that live here, in
Azores; common dolphin, bottlenose dolphin, Risso’s dolphin and the sperm whale!

The weather was good, neither so windy nor so many big waves.

It was a quiet atmosphere, the first group of common dolphins we saw was
very relaxed and quiet. 

However, the bottlenose dolphin group we saw few
minutes after was very active, and showed us how they jump.

Finally, our well-known sperm whale “Mister Liable” showed us
his enormous tail, he went to look for food, squids.

In the afternoon, we were enjoying the huge groups of Cory’s shearwaters
that were flying over the boat and feeding very close to us. 

Suddenly, our
reliable sperm whale friend, appeared again and showed us his tail one last

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