“Orca” the Sperm whale and her group again!

After 3 days in a
row we finally were able to go out to the sea! And it was an amazing return.

In the morning we
started with a very famous group of
sperm whales here in São Miguel. It was the
Orcas’s group. Orca it’s a big female that it has been sighted around the
island since 2003 meaning that apparently, they find in Azores a good place to
stay around. It was a group of minimum 10 individuals just staying in the
surface for some times of time. In the end, three of them still showed us their
magnificent tails.

The second species of
the day was the
bottlenose dolphin. It was a small group but very curious with
the boat and surfing the big waves all the time.

When returning to Ponta
Delgada we found a big group of
common dolphins feeding very close to the
harbor. We stayed a little bit with them and then return to land.

In the afternoon we
started with common dolphins also very close to the harbor but this time it was
not such a big group and they were not very interest in us. They were just
going around and paying more attention to the waves to surf than the boats.

After we went further
south and we found the same group of sperm whales from the morning, Orca’s
group again! This time they were all together side by side making it possible
to see the different sizes of the different individuals. They also stayed sometime
in the surface and some of them started disappear into the deep ocean.

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