Mr Liable made the show

mr liable sperm whale

What a cool day!! In the morning we started watching the playfully and friendly bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)! They were breaching and swimming close to our catamaran! This species is one of the residents in the Azores. Once again we were so happy to watch them!!

Suddenly, appeared the spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis), a seasonal species of the Azores but smaller (2 m) than the bottlenose dolphins (3.5 – 4 m). If you come in summer you will enjoy a great experience to be with them!

Finally we were so lucky to watch our host, the house owner “Mr Liable“. A big sperm whale male. This individual has been so much studied by our biologist over the last 16 years”. We know him so well that we already can tell about his preference to be in the central-west of San Miguel. This big male is the most resighted sperm whale here! We recognized him because of his remarkable tail ! Check out on the picture!!

Mr Liable made our day!!! He was breathing and recovering on the surface and then he went for another dive and showed us his fluke! We told him a good bye for now and took the latest picture of him! Hope to see him soon!!

Our zodiac boats could also see common dolphins and we tried today to take out a big plastic jug of the water, unsuccessfully because it was full of water and too heavy.

Would you like to live an unforgettable day with free dolphins and whales and the guiding of our expert biologists? Welcome to Futurismo!!

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