Mr. Liable comes to visit us again!

Another lovely and sunny morning at the sea, we left the port of São Miguel excited to see what nature had prepared for us this time.
Our adventure from the catamaran started with a large group of bottlenose dolphins that were bow-riding with us and even some of them leaping around our boat. Also, we could observe a female with her calf swimming together.
While we were in search of other species we saw an animal that we do not see every day! It was a flying fish passing by the bow of our boat! How unexpected and incredible is this marine world…

Then, our lookout alerted us of the presence of sperm whales in the west part of the island and there we went! At first, they were far away from us and we just could see some blows from the distance. We were not satisfied with that and we waited a little time to try to see them in a better way. Thank goodness we did because a group of 7-8 sperm whales appeared near to us. In that group we could observe a huge male surrounded by a few females allowing us to see their blowholes on several occasions. After that, animals started to dive and some of them showed their fluke before going to the depth to feed. In that moment we realized that we had the most reliable sperm whale of our waters in front of us. That enormous sperm whale was our already known Mr Liable!! It is always good to see him after a long time!

Our zodiacs also sighted four fin whales! The second biggest animal on earth! It was possible to see very well their asymmetrical pigmentation on its lower jaw, white on the right side and grey on the left side. One of our boats were also capable to collect feaces of this species. These opportunities are unique since it is not usually easy to collect whale faecal samples. They have been used to study for example their diet, the presence of parasites or even for genetic identification.

On their way back to land, they spotted also a big group of common dolphins, the most colorful cetacean species. It was a perfect way of finishing this amazing morning.
Thank you for joining us today! We hope to see you another time and have another adventure with us.

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