Mr Liable and dolphins with lots of babies

mr liable tail sperm whale

Today the weather conditions were great! No wind, no waves, and an amazing sun shining at us. 

And more than that, we had another visit of our beloved male sperm whale, Mr. Liable!!! One of our favorite sightings! Male sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus) spend most of their time traveling in high latitudes, and our resident male can be sighted in the Azores all year round. It looks like he likes the Azores too much to leave! We watch Mr. Liable deep dive, a typical behavior in sperm whales when they go foraging and hunt for food. And guess what, they always show their tail when they deep dive. Today we saw it twice! He dived once and we waited for him to come back to the surface, he did it and after a good time resting on the surface he showed us is tail again. And that was our goodbye for Mr. Liable. 

During our journey, we also sighted a great group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) with lots of babies! They approached the boat and they were bow riding with our Catamaran! Dolphins have this behavior so they can use the drag created by the boat motion and spare energy traveling! Aren’t they smart?!

Our swimming with dolphins boat not only had the opportunity of swimming with this amazing species but also had the opportunity to see another resident species, a group of bottlenose dolphins!

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