More common dolphins in São Miguel island

It’s Friday!! And we went out to the sea!! With a day a little windy and cold we started our trip headed east.

Suddenly we started to see a few of our beautiful Cory’s shearwater, then a few more and finally hundreds of them and guess what!? with a lot of common dolphins!!

They were really active and looking for food. We managed to see them bowriding and socializing a lot! We continued to east slowly because from land our lookouts saw a blow of a whale. Always with the company of the Cory’s shearwater around us we were looking for that blow.

But unfortunately, we didn’t find it. Probably that whale went to dive and it appeared further off coast, somehow it evaded our lookouts.

While another bigger group of common dolphins appeared with more a more Cory’s shearwater! Finally, we can say that these seabirds are here!

Remember that they spent the winter in the South Atlantic, in regions close to Brazil or South Africa, although now they arriving to the Azores to start the breeding season.

Probably in our next trips we will continue to see them!!

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