Lots of dolphins and sperm whales today in São Miguel

futurismo dolphins

Today we started with a rainy day, but not less interesting. We were lucky to see three of the four resident species in Azores Islands: a big group of Common dolphin.

Three Risso’s dolphins and the great Sperm whales!

As we know females Sperm whales are living the whole year in our islands, and today we saw two of them with a little one! 

What’s more, we saw two seasonal species that spend all the summer here looking for some food and other individuals to reproduce and increase the population for the next year, the littles Spotted dolphin and the beautiful Striped dolphin! 

This trip was shared with other animals that weren’t cetaceans like, one Loggerhead sea turtle, big groups of Cory’s shearwaters and some Common tern.

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