Land observation project

lookouts vigias futurismo azores

Today we restarted the land observation project. That means biologist are accompanying an experienced lookout to compile more data.

Sometimes boats are not going out or they cover another area or are not able to get to all species, so important information can be gathered this way. That is why we took the chance to go to the North Coast where the sea was quite calm.

We chose four different locations starting at one of Futurismo’s stone tower lookouts in Capelas, the next ones were open air like the viewpoint of Pico Vermelho in Bretanha, then in Mosteiros at Pedra Queimada and finally close to the Chapel of João Bom to observe at each spot some hours.

We passed some more potential locations which we had to discard due to no or limited visibility. Depending on hight and meteorological conditions there can be a big difference in range. Today we managed to see well the coastal area but not further out than seven miles, so it was not surprising that we were not able to spot the deep-sea divers but three pods of Common Dolphins foraging with seabirds or travelling.

It is not easy to find these animals in the middle of the blue, but it is a great satisfaction to witness their behaviours from distance like the repeated half breaches of one individual or the leaps and splashes of others.

Learn more about the tradition of the lookouts here in the Azores.

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