Hundreds of common dolphins, a sperm whale birth and various sperm whale breaches

In the morning we got a good start with a pod of common dolphins and there were hundreds of dolphins all around the boat and close to some of our guests doing the swimming with dolphins! It was really a unique experience for them!
After we left the dolphins our lookout told us to go south, far away from the island and suddenly 3 sperm whales appeared and being very active. A female threw the tail as four other sperm whales joined in and started circling her. We started seeing some blood on the water and a big frenzy amongst the whales, so we knew that birth was happening… And we got to see it starting. All the whales were very active and even jumped for our guests to enjoy even more what was just happening before our very eyes. We then left the group so they could attend to the new-born calf in peace. A morning filled with excitement and joy in our boats.
Sperm Whale birth

By the afternoon we headed first to a group of common dolphins, again very curious and approaching our boats, followed by a big and lovely group of bottlenose dolphins which just were amazing and very friendly to us!! Unfortunately, we couldn’t find the same group of sperm whales from the morning, but we managed to spot a female sperm whale with her calf. 
Also, in the middle of our tour, we managed to see another whale but very briefly as we believe it was a minke whale. A day full of surprises and impressive moments with our cetaceans. 
Furthermore, a couple of manta rays were spotted as well. Amazing sighting! We will report it to the Manta Catalog Azores Project to help to collect information about this unknown species!


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