Humpback whales show today!‌

What nobody expected occurred within the first half an hour of trip…

Two individuals of amazing humpback whales waved at us with their special long pectoral fins while jumping elegantly in the air.

They kept jumping during quite a long time in a way as hectic as the weather, which was quite windy and wavy today. Usually, these whales take advantage of the waves during bad weather conditions in order to communicate with each other.

Despite we like to think that they are greeting us, it is not the real reason why they display this behaviour. In fact, they make leaps in order to produce high volume sounds that enable them to communicate with their colleagues located far away.

It has to be highlighted that the last time we saw humpback whales displaying this behaviour here in the Azores was two years ago!

After a long period of observation, we stopped for a while next to the islet of São Roque, where we observed the beautiful geological shapes and patterns of the rocks and its delighting vegetation before returning to the harbour.

Moreover, seagulls, common terns and Cory’s shearwaters were sighted this morning.

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