Futurismo ConnActions will come back!

Whale watching education with marine biologists

We are almost done with the 2019 “Futurismo ConnActions” events! They have been a success indeed, and yesterday we exceeded all expectations : D Our shop in Portas do Mar was packed with curious professionals learning more about how we can take great underwater animal photos.

We started in June and we already had 15 events with a wide variety of topics. But the conservation of nature, one of the most important values for us as promoters of sustainable tourism, has always been on the talks!

From including exotic plants of São Miguel island in our diet, or the importance of whale faces to identify their genetic, to understanding how geology influenced Azorean history and people… all the talks where full of information from professionals.

Next Wednesday we hold the last event of this season that also promises to give an interesting talk: the theme will be the population of Harbour sealsin Dutch north sea.

“Futurimo ConnActions” aims to know new realities about our planet and new concepts of sustainability, giving advice on how we should protect species, especially the endangered ones, and what to do to be more friendly to the environment.

Many of them were presented by our professional marine biologists and environmental science team, others were attended by some special guests and friends.

We intend to involve families, tourists and being closer to the local community to contribute to a more sustainable society and more enlightened. To contribute to a better world is our main goal!

Of course, we will have more Futurismo ConnActions next year. And we’ll be waiting for you!

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