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fraser's dolphins azores

Very little is known about the Fraser’s dolphin. They were first described in 1956 by Francis Carles Fraser, but after being lost to science was only “rediscovered” in the early 1970’s. Although similar in appearance to the striped dolphin, this species can be distinguished by its more stocky body and short beak. The Fraser’s dolphin is also known as Sarawak dolphin. For a long time this dolphin was in between the two genera “Lagenorhynchus” and “Delphinus” and later got its own genera “Lagenodelphis“. 

The Fraser’s dolphin is predominantly an oceanic species, although thay can be seen close to shore where the water is deep. Studies of stomach contents suggest it is the Fraser’s dolphin is a deep diver, reaching dephts is pantropical, typically ranging from 30º N  to 30º S  in all three major oceans.

In the Azores the presence of Fraser’s dolphins is extremely rare as the archipelago is situated further north than it’s typical range. In August 2008 a group of Fraser’s dolphins was registered in the central group of the Azores, coinciding with temperatures warmer than usual for that time of the year.

Male: 2.7 m
Female: 2.6 m
Calf: 1 m

Male: 210 kg (maximum)
Calf: 20 kg

Teeth: 152 – 176

Diet: Midwater fish, squid and crustaceans

Longevity: 18 years or more

Breeding age:
Male: 7 – 10 years
Female: 5 – 8 years

Gestation: 10 – 12.5 months

Nursing: Unknown

Population: Global: c.320,000

Conservation Status: Least concern

In other languages
Portuguese: Golfinho de Fraser
Spanish: Delfin de Fraser
French: Dauphin de Fraser / de Bornéo
Italian: Lagenodelfino
German: Borneodelfin / Fraser-delfin
Dutch: Sarawakdolfijn / dolfijn van Fraser
Swedish: Frasersdelfin / kortnäbbad delfin / sarawakdelfin
Norwegian: Frasersdelfin / sarawakdelfin
Danish: Frasersdelfin / sarawakdelfin Finnish: – 
Polish: Delfiniak malajski
Russian: Малайзийский дельфин

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