Finally we returned to the sea to see lots of common dolphins

We already missed the waves and the
fresh wind! This morning the sea was calm and so were the dolphins. We saw 2
different groups of common dolphins, one of our resident species. 

These seemed
to be still recovering from these last days, as they were very calm and
curious. Many of these dolphins came to our boats to say hello. 

Our swimmers
also took advantage of the dolphins good mood to see and hear them underwater.
Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful activity that allows us to “get
in” the underwater world and observe natural behaviors with wild and free

After the huge number of dolphins, we saw in the morning we went out expecting the same so we headed south with the help of the lookouts who were seeing a lot of splashes and seabirds feeding. This is always a great sign of life under the birds since they feed on the small schooling fish that dolphins like as well! 

Once we got to the area, unfortunately there were no dolphins feeding with the hundreds of birds but rather really big tunas splashing and lunging for the small fish. It’s always a unique experience to witness some of these moments in the wild!

After we left that event the lookouts sent us closer to the island as they found a group of common dolphins. A sport fishing was in front of us on our way to the dolphins when it stopped with a blue marlin on its stern. Our guests had a good look at the fish while we saw the boat towing it to oxygenate its gills and help him recover from the fight before releasing it to the ocean! 

After all of this we arrived to the group of dolphins that immediately surrounded the boat, adults, juveniles and calves while jumping and bowriding for quite some time! Right before we left the group, they encountered a group of fish so we got to see a bit of feeding behaviour as we left them lunching.

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