Fantastic sightings with summer-alike weather

There is nothing like a morning out in the sea! Our trip started with great sea conditions and good visibility all set to have a great whale watching day!

After a short ride we encountered our beloved common dolphins one of our four resident species here in the Azores!

They were also enjoying their day approaching the boat and bowriding with us! Common dolphins are one of the most abundant cetacean species around the world and they are medium-sized dolphins with adults reaching 2.5 m long and weight between 80-150 kg.

They feed mostly on small schooling fish such as sardines and mackerel!
We left our dolphins to search for a different species… Can you guess? Yes, Sperm whales!

And not any sperm whale, we were looking for our resident male here in São Miguel! Mr. Liable! As we navigated further from the coast we started to see a huge blow in the horizon! It was him! We rushed as fast as we could but we couldn’t reach him!

Fortunately Sperm whales are mammals, like us, so we know they need to came back up for air! So we waited and enjoyed the sun! Around 50 min later there he was! Majestic as always with a big blow so that we could find him! Wonderful way to start our day! Join Futurismo and meet Mr. Liable, I think he has a soft spot for us!

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