Atlantic spotted dolphins wanted to be seen today!

dolphins azores

Today we had two boats going out to the open sea in the morning, and one in the evening. In our catamaran 4 ventos, we had the pleasure to have onboard during the morning the two 8th grade classes of Colégio do Castanheiro.

Since several years we collaborate to increase the knowledge in thematics like environment, ecology and biodiversity. We all had great fun even more, being an academic year full of adjustments given to the pandemic. This was a “seamark” just before crossing the finishing line. Their summer holidays are about to come. What a great way to start them!

All the Futurismo boats of today had one special species watched in common: the Atlantic spotted dolhins! We are excited about these dolphins because they are not a resident species this, which means that we are not able to see them all year long.

These dolphins are now coming to our coasts from southern waters, and will stay with us for the whole summer. Both in the morning and in the afternoon, we could sight big groups of this species, socializing between each other and even approaching towards us. Even some jumps we could see! And yes, we saw babies too!

We also saw female sperm whales, who were resting on the surface before going for their deep dives in search of their meal.

Bottlenose dolphins were watched jumping and bowriding our boat, though only in the morning, just as awesome as always!

A group of pilot whales were sighted both in the morning and in the afternoon too, swimming with their calmly manners.

And finally, our boat João Vigia, where the activity swimming with dolphins was carrying on, had the luck to swim together with a pod of common dolphins!
How incredible sounds this day? Come and to see and/or swim with wild animals in their freedom!

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