All about the Azores Voucher – ended August 31

voucher destino seguro acores

/!\ Destino Seguro Voucher ended on August 31st of 2021 /!\

Passengers who arrived in the Azores before August 31st 2021 11:59pm can still use their voucher. From September 1st at midnight, vouchers are not working anymore.

Can I have the Azores €35 Voucher? – All travelers coming with a COVID EU Digital TEST Certificate, that is, with a valid SARS-CoV-2 negative test, are eligible to receive the Azores Insurance Destination Voucher – All travelers (non-residents in the Region) who arrive in the Azores with a test with a negative result, done within 72 hours before the flight, are also entitled to a €35 Voucher to use in our islands.

Who is not entitled to the Voucher? – Travelers with a valid COVID EU Digital VACCINATION or RECOVERY Certificate, from 14 days after the date of full vaccination, are not entitled to have the Voucher

Passengers without a test can do one upon arrival, paid by the Region, awaiting the result in prophylactic isolation. In this case, they are also not entitled to have the Voucher

What should I do to receive the Voucher? – Do a RT-PCR test 72h before departure flight with negative result – Fill the My Safe Azores form before boarding to the Region. Attach proof of negative test or Digital TEST Certificate List of laboratories agreed to do a free test, paid by the Region:

Where can I use the €35 Voucher? You can use the voucher for all Futurismo experiences.   How to use the Voucher in companies? Upon arrival at one of the Azores airports, upon presentation of the negative test or the Digital TEST Certificate, the passenger will receive an email with the Voucher which includes a QR code. With the presentation of the email at Futurismo’s shop, the amount of €35 is discounted.

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