9 cetacean species in an incredible Summer day in São Miguel

What an amazing day! Nine different species in just one day… Where else in the world can you see so many different species in one day?? Common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, striped dolphins, sperm whales, Sowerby’s beaked whale, and even baleen whales! Sei whale and minke whale! Such a wonderful day!! 
In the morning, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins delighted all our boats. Bow-riding and socialising, with mirror-like waters and a perfect sunny day. Sperm whales were around foraging, so we had the opportunity to see different tails when they were going for foraging dives.
In the afternoon our trips were a bit longer than expected, but they were worth it! We have seen plenty of sperm whales, socialising calmly on the surface. A Sowerby’s beaked whale was travelling and appeared just a couple of times on the surface. Risso’s dolphins appeared close to the shore to one of our boats.
A minke whale surprised one of our catamarans. And even a couple of Sei whales were around! Sei whales are usually sighted in late spring-summer, but today they wanted to show up for us!
And… if whales and dolphins were not enough, even Portuguese Man o’War, turtles, flying fish, small squid, a shark and a sunfish! Summer days… we love you! 

Sowerby’s beaked whale


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