5 cetacean species in sunny Sunday!

This bottlenose dolphin has peculiar scars
What an incredible sunny Sunday morning! Today the beautiful and rich Atlantic Ocean greeted us with 5 different species of cetaceans!
The day started with a little group of bottlenose dolphins, we didn’t stop for a long time as bigger animals were waiting for us. With our two boats, we went to different areas because we were seeing different blows.
In the end, we could all see a Sei whale, the third biggest animal in the world. Very calm, with long and steady dives. This last month it’s been full of baleen whales!
After that, and some miles further out, the famous sperm whale Mr Liable appeared. We arrived just on time to see its fluke one more time, its movement it’s so elegant, so unique way of diving. There were also some bottlenose dolphins swimming in the area that made our wait way more enjoyable.
The morning continued with Atlantic spotted dolphins, lots of them, interacting with birds and with a big ball of fish in the area. They were approaching a lot to our boats. What a great sighting.
Last but not least, we found our loved common dolphins right before arriving at Ponta Delgada. The day was a great opportunity to appreciate the differences between three species of dolphins: colouration, behaviour and size.
What a day! We are so lucky to live in a place where marine biodiversity is so rich.
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