Feeding frenzy Sunday!

We left Ponta Delgada around 9:00 am with the sun in front of us, showing the path to the sea and telling that autumn is still warm for us. So early, just like albatroz eyes, our skipper Rafa saw the first dolphins of the day. However they were not alone! Surrounding them there were lots of cory’s shearwater’s and seagulls! What a frenzy we experienced! A group of 20 common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) were feeding like a party with an amazing buffet. A big brown patch of fishes was running away from the dolphins and seabirds – there was not any place to hide! We could sight how they approached to our zodiac “Cafre”. We did not know where to look. To our right? To our left? In front? In the back? Hosts and guests were everywhere! It was a real NatGeo moment! Watching dolphins in such an event and very close to the Island of São Miguel? It just happens here in the Azores! The most curious thing was to see how calm they were just catching and feeding. A true morning autumn breakfast!

After getting excited with such a wild adventure, we left them to try our luck with other species! We went around 11 miles offshore to find another ocean giant, the sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus). Time to turn on the hydrophone! As the birds told us were to locate the dolphins, the hydrophone gives us the sea sounds and therefore where the animals are. What do we look for? Whales and dolphins clicks and songs! Our biologist team got in action: putting it inside the water and listening carefully. Unfortunately we could not listen any sperm whale click. The morning had not finished when we spot a huge and marvelous rainbow behind us! It was complete. What vibrant colors on the sea! Wooooow, just wooow. No words, only pictures which will be forever in our memory!

We returned back home and sighted for last time the same group of dolphins that we left previously. They were still having fun with the fishes. A true feast! To Rafa does not escape anything! He even saw the famous jellyfish the “Portuguese man o’ war” (Physalia physalis), a small one but still powerful! Watch out, do not try to touch it, just watch it and enjoy its beauty!

Autumn is here and but there’s still so much to see! Futurismo would love to have you all here!

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