Sightings Statistics February 2020

whale watching azores february

In the shortest month of the year, we were so lucky with the weather, it was very sunny with a relatively calm ocean for the majority of the days we went out, and we were able to observe 5 cetaceans species! Out of our 4 resident species, we could find 3 of them: Sperm whales, bottlenose dolphins and common dolphins

Humpback whales keep on surprising us, passing on the south coast of São Miguel! We observed those in 3 different days, always heading west. The humpback whales were performing short dives, and we even got to see the tail! The incredible surprise of the month was the fin whales! We saw these migratory giants in two days, always in groups of 4 individuals, making relatively short dives of approximately 7 to 12 minutes, which allowed us to observe them on several occasions.

Sperm whales were mostly found on the West tip of the island. We saw groups of females and calves staying on the surface for about 15 minutes, a normal behaviour in the Azores, and then fluking and diving for approximately 45 min, showing their beautiful tail!

The award of star of the month is undoubtedly for the common dolphins, seen on ALL of our trips. They were almost always seen feeding, in association with seagulls and shearwaters, a real show! Bottlenose dolphins were observed in small groups, performing long dives. Despite not giving so much interest to our boats, it was nice to see them.

Other marine species seen during February include our dear Cory’s shearwaters, who are finally back, and in large groups! We also saw great skuas with very aggressive behavior towards seagulls, big tuna feeding on the surface, some Portuguese man-o-war and beautiful loggerhead turtles spotted in 3 trips! 

Don’t forget that the baleen whales season is approaching really quick! And we can’t wait to watch them as they pass in the Azores during their migration route heading to the feeding grounds on the north. We hope as well to see Risso’s dolphins next month and …. where is … Mr.Liable?  We do miss him! Let’s see if in March we manage to spot him! Join us on an incredible excursion to observe the big cetaceans in the Azores!

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