Covid-19 in Portugal: the situation in the Azores

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Now, in the Azores, we have 305 active cases, all of them are in a stable clinical situation and are in prophylactic isolation.

We would like to remind you that the Azores was the first Region of Portugal with no cases of Covid-19, but after flights being resumed, we had some cases arriving.

In Futurismo, we have reopened our store in the marina of Ponta Delgada, in São Miguel island and you already can book a trip to see whales and dolphins for the next few days. For now, we will start with whale watching in São Miguel and also swimming with dolphins for groups of friends or families, and gradually we will resume the rest of the activities.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about the situation of Covid-19 in the Azores. Every day we update active, confirmed and recovered cases in the nine islands of the Azores. If you plan to travel to the Azores, find out what the recommendations on Covid-19 are and all the information about flights to and from the Azores. Follow all the updates here!

Covid-19 data in the Azores

  • Active Cases: 305 ( 228 São Miguel; 71 Terceira; 2 Faial, 2 São Jorge; 1 Flores; 1 Santa Maria; )
  • Deaths: 16

Covid-19: I want to travel to the Azores, what should I do?

(updated and complete information according to communications from the Government of the Azores, azores covid19

What are we doing at Futurismo and what are the next steps?

  • We reopened our store in Ponta Delgada’s harbor today, June 15;
  • The whale watching trips in São Miguel will be twice a week;
  • We will gradually reopen our other facilities, namely on Pico island, according to the development of the situation;
  • The other experiences will be resumed gradually in July, with limited capacity, fulfilling all safety and hygiene procedures;
  • We are in contact with our partners and customers to prepare bookings for the next months;
  • We are preparing new offers and products;
  • Futurismo Internal Health and Safety Procedures Manual completed.
  • We are certified with the Clean & Safe stamp of approval from the Tourism board of Portugal;
  • The Azores are one of the safest destinations in Europe in 2020;
  • We have adopted measures to restrict and decrease the use of several equipments in order to increase physical distance, always preserving emotions;
  • Our priority is to provide security to all those who choose Futurismo;
  • We never had Covid-19 cases among our employees

Where and how should you wear your mask when traveling to the Azores?

  • Mandatory use of mask during flights and other public transportation;
  • Mandatory use of a mask in all infrastructures, such as in public services, commercial and industrial infrastructures, restaurants, schools, museums, libraries, among others;
  • Mandatory use of a mask in spaces with a larger number of people than normal, spaces that end up having a significant number of people making physical distance measures hard to fulfill;
  • Maintain the distance recommended by the competent authorities, which, as of today, is 2 meters. You can follow the updates at 
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