We had 9 sperm whales today!!!!


After some windy days with white caps all over the ocean today it was much calmer and we took the chance to enjoy the blue. Our lookouts guided the swimming with dolphins boat towards the Bottlenose Dolphins (Tursipos truncatus) and us towards the Sperm whales (Physeter macrocephalus).

When we arrived we saw the inclined blows towards the front left which confirmed the presence of the sperm whales. First, we found two single adult females and one of them showed us its fluke just as we arrived. Then as it went to look for food a tiny baby called close by for attention. It breached at least twice and afterwards it swam fast in one direction but we decided to go to another group of 3.

A female, a juvenile, and one more calf. They swam in a tight formation and the two bigger ones were diving later vertically down, giving us two more tails to add to our catalogue.

On all our trips we check out the sperm whale flukes which are their ID’s and it tells a history of their lifes, but the group of today was not among the mostly sighted, more familiar ones.

Two more individuals appeared to the left and a third to the right, so we could meet at least 9 of this group.

Following the best practices from the World Cetaceans Alliance and the laws of the government which preserve the cetaceans we stayed further away when more boats arrived and allowed them time on their own after having a marvellous moments observing their different behaviours.

If you like to learn more about these fascinating animals you can follow our blog and research work or you join us onboard where we happily give you much more information. Hope to see you soon! 

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