Today we saw newborn dolphins!

dolphin watching

As you know, the weather in the Azores is quite unstable. When we started our trip we had some waves and warm sunshine. It didn’t take long before we found a huge group of bottlenose dolphins … there must have been more than 80 animals! Females playing with their youngs and with the waves. We managed to see some newborn dolphins :0

Do you know how we know that babies were recently born? It’s not just about the size… in the first days of life these babies have 3 or 4 circular marks around their bodies. These marks result from the dolphins being snuggled in their mother’s womb and, at the time of delivery, babies leave their mother through 3 or 4 contractions.

After seeing these dolphins we continued our journey. We went straight south to deeper waters to try our luck with larger animals. Suddenly there was a lot of fog and rain and our lookouts were unable to see the sea.

We then decided to use the hydrophone to increase our chances of finding some more species. We heard a few dolphins a little further south, but unfortunately, we could only see two fins of what appeared to be Atlantic spotted dolphins.

Nature and weather are like that, we can’t control them. But we always advise on seeing animals in the wild, where they are free and with their families.

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