Sperm whale family & Common dolphins

Yesterday, we had pause our tours because of the bad weather, but today, even having a typical windy autumn morning, the wind decreased fast enough and we sailed out into the adventure.

We’ve started our sightings with the common dolphins. They were having fun hunting some shoal fish in the company of cory’s shearwaters and some gulls. We also had the chance to see two more bird species; common tern and great shearwater.

After this nice encounter we’ve traveled to another area, to the east, approximately off Ribeira Quente to meet a beautiful family of sperm whales, 4 females and a calf.

The very young baby, which we considered as a newborn, looked like a male. We assumed the group was composed by more than 10 individuals, some were doing feeding dives plus the others at the surface in charge of protecting the calf.

This calf might be one of the last ones to be born this year, since the reproduction season and the period when the females give birth is ending. It runs between spring and summer time. The sperm whales’ gestation takes over 18 months. What a challenge!
The next days the wind is calming down so we look forward to have you onboard to enjoy the Azorean wildlife.

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