Dolphins surprise us on the way back to Ponta Delgada

North winds break. That’s what we had this morning! In the last couple of days, we had to cancel because of the bad weather, but today , fortunately, we were able to go back to the sea we all love so much.

Who was waiting for us? Two of our resident species: bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in first place, and very nearby, a small group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis). Both groups had a few babies and were not very interested in us.

After the second encounter, we went back to the bottlenose dolphins group. They were swimming always around the same area, not having, at all, a specific direction. Having babies and since one of our main concern is to make sure we have the least impact that we can, we have started the journey back to the marina of Portas do Mar.

Can you imagine, the biggest part of the group of the common dolphins came out on our way, quite close to land? It was amazing! The first time we were with this species, they simply disappeared, but thankfully, we had the opportunity to find the common dolphins going back home. And they were very comfortable with us, even letting the babies approach the boat and having fun.

We had the greatest luck for having a loggerhead turtle very close to us and so calm that we all had the chance to see it particularly well. As far as we know, only juveniles of loggerhead turtle (Caretra caretta) occur in the Azores, travelling back to the Gulf of Mexico when are sexually mature. One thing has been clear, that individual was big. Probably, that turtle is getting ready to go back to the beach where it was born to start its reproduction cycle.

It’s always a privilege to present Nature at its best: beautiful, hard and unpredictable!

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