Two species of dolphins in São Miguel

whale watching azores

On three windy days we couldn’t go to the sea!  Finally we enjoyed again a sunny and bright day.
We were navigating to the open ocean trying to find the ceteceans of the Azores! We were so excited looking everywhere for them. Expecting a call from our lookout or trusting the eagle eyes of our biologist!
We definitely couldn’t wait to be among dolphins and whales in their natural habitat again!!

After 30 minutes the futurismo boats were able to sight a beautiful and huge group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis).  These dolphins are called like that because it is a species with a widely spread distribution. Azores is not the exception and they live here the whole year!

One of our zodiacs could watch a group of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiups truncatus), the pod was composed by adults and juveniles! They were joining the small boat for a while.

Other members of our crew participated in the beach clean up of Santa Barbara in the North of the San Miguel island, organised by Expolab.

Don’t wait any longer to come with us and live a unique and wonderful experience on the gorgeous Azorean islands!

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