Today we took out a big fishing net

big fishing net

Today we went to the east to see a Bryde’s Whale. Observing whales is usually a matter of patience but on this tour the whale was very collaborative. It had a steady slow pace and was mainly accompanying us on one side of the boat that we could keep watching in one direction. It was regularly blowing, showing its three ridges on the top of its head when coming to the surface.

After that it changed its swimming direction slightly that we could get other angles for our Photo ID catalogue. So we could take pictures of the right and the left side as the whale went parallel to us. Once it crossed in front of the boat so we could see its length even better. When the whale arched its back and went for a longer and deeper dive we continued our trip to observe the Bottlenose Dolphins.

It was a big group in a tight formation dive travelling and surfing the waves. Generally they headed to the east but every now and then they turned 180° around to ride the waves and then to swim against the waves again and to leap over them. In the group we had different sizes from the 4m long ones to the juveniles and calves. Some were making bubble trails before breaking through the surface.

Apart from the cetaceans, there was more wildlife around. Some saw the Sicklefin Devil Ray, others the Loggerhead Turtle, the shark fin or the Atlantic Flying Fish. Fortunately our rib was finding a big net which they managed to take out of the water. So one less danger for the marine wildlife to get entangled in.

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