Three dolphins species were on today!

dolphin jumping

Three strikeouts! Three dolphins species were on today!!
We were leaving at 9 am on board of our catamaran “Cetus”. Cetus took us to the open ocean looking for the kings of the oceans: whales and dolphins!

Very early at 9:40 we found the first species the bottlenose dolphins. (Tursiops truncatus), one of the species sadly captured for shows in dolphinariums. Today we saw a group of 25 individuals swimming in freedom in the middle of the blue Atlantic ocean!
What a wonderful experience seeing them once again playing close to our boat.

The sea was a bit rough but our hearts were full of love and pushing us to look for more. Look at that! The second species was there!! Common dolphins (Delphinus delphis) a group of 40 animals swimming fast, some leaping and some bowriding.

The last species was a huge group of spotted dolphins (Stenella frontalis). They surrounded us and also came close to zodiacs! They were everywhere! We didn’t know where to fix the look. Suddenly one of the dolphins did a pretty cool leap and took our breath away, one second later he did it one more time!!

Definitely they recharged us with so much energy to come back to Ponta Delgada!
Happy faces, the ocean allowed us to enjoy its wildlife. Then we returned back to let them be themselves and we saved the memories in our heart!
Do not miss the opportunity to come with us and let’s live an excited adventure in Azores!

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