The beauty of the wonderful wildlife in the Azores

whale watching azores futurismo

Today the sun decided to keep us company throughout the trip. We left Ponta Delgada with high expectations! And these were fulfilled! We parted our way to find a young group of common dolphins (Delphinus delphis). Amazing how a lot of babies were sighted in this group and even a newborn, since the calving peak is in late spring and early summer – did you know that newborns have three rings marked on their body due to labour contractions and that these last for around a week? This means that the baby we saw today is less than a week old, how amazing is that! This baby was inside his mother belly for around 10 to 11 month and will now breastfeed for 1 year.

After a good time with these animals we went further out to explore more what the ocean has to give. And imagine what we found? The most iconic species of Azores – Sperm Whales!!! Two young individuals, of which, one was encountered twice. How cool is that! And that’s not all! Not only one of the individuals came close to our boats, but also allowed us a good look at her head. The head of sperm whales represents 1/3 of their bodies. Inside the head we can find creamy yellowish-white substance which resembles sperm giving this whale a peculiar name. This substance is a wax (spermaceti) which is used in the sperm whale’s highly developed sound system known as echolocation used to locate prey, navigate and to communicate with each other.

A great day with great sightings!! We are hoping for the same luck tomorrow, come and join our crew in the search of these marine giants!!

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