Sperm whales and common dolphins

whale watching

Today was an atypical day in São Miguel. Despite the sun, the wind and the sea were typical of a winter day! However, we were able to go out for an observation trip and it didn’t last long until we saw the first species!

A large and very sociable group of common dolphins that quickly approached the boat and kept swimming very close, marveling our eyes with their colors and agility when sailing against the waves! interestingly, it was a group of 40 individuals with no calves!

While we were with the dolphins, our lookout gave the warning! “There she blows”! upon hearing this message we quickly arrived at the area where the blow was seen and by the shape they were sperm whales! We put the hydrophone in the water and quickly heard the clicks made  by sperm whales while  searching for their prey in the depths! And in less than 10 minutes we already had an animal on the surface! It was an adult female, quite calm and after oxygenating her blood, she decided to dive and showed us her splendid tail! Curiously, as soon as dives, a baby appeared on the surface and stayed with us until eventually another adult female appears on the surface!

The sighting was not easy, due to the sea conditions having changed quickly, making it more choppy and making it harder to spot puffs, but due to our patience and persistence, we still managed to see one more tail!

The animals today were much closer to the coast than they were yesterday, so let’s hope they stay close to the coast and that tomorrow we will be able to be with these gentle giants again! See you tomorrow for another adventure in the Azores!  😉

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